Innovative refrigerator on Solar-powered

U.S. company Solar Cool Technologies introduced its unusual design – Refrigerator Solar Cooler, uses for work the solar panels. We know, that solar panels are used in home appliances, tend to, for heating, but in this case the designers use them for cooling.
Solar Cooler – it’s pretty compact portable container for food and drinks, (dimensions 41 x 36 x 43 cm, weight – 25 kg), preserving their cooling with cooling system, powered by solar energy. Creators promise device that can store Solar Cooler temperature equal to 5.5 degrees Celsius for 24 hours after full charge. A minimum cooling temperature is -10 degrees.
Apart from the built-in charging solar panels to a refrigerator can be connected  additional panels, as well as recharge the internal battery from the usual outlets.

Solar Cooler – thoughtful and convenient device. To him can connect wheels for easy transport, and USB- port and additional connectors on the 12V can be used for charging smartphones and other gadgets and appliances (eg blender). On the inside of the lid is a flashlight to find products quickly in the dark . In the near future Solar Cool Technologies – Development of a portable, compact refrigerator for doctors called Helios, in which it will be possible to transport drugs, that require a specific low temperature.

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