Innovative QBracelet – stylish and comfortable

Agree, when our mobile phone battery to sit down – it’s awful. Usually it happens always in the most unexpected moment. When we see that the battery is completely exhausted, we try to somehow use a smaller device, disable any application, in general, do all to the charge lasted at least a little. But in the end the phone to sit down and we are left with no connection.
A lot of companies around the world produce standalone charging to significantly extend the life of smartphones and other mobile devices. But the creators QBracelet decided to turn the device into a trendy accessory that are not ashamed to put on and which weighs some 50 grams. This stylish bracelet is removed to allow the connection, and your gadget will be able to get up to 60% charge. This will probably be enough.
Smartphones can be connected to this device directly through standard connectors that would fill the energy to 60 percent of battery capacity number. KBrakelet will be available in men’s and women’s designs, in sizes and colors to choose from. Send to begin in mid-December this year.

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